Women Talk – Strathmore
08 Jun

Women Talk – Strathmore .

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WOMEN TALK is an evening gathering where women present and share their inspiring stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you’ll be entertained by amazing women. The evening will be fast-paced, with each presenters speaking for 15-20 minutes, TED TALK style. The event is for women from all walks of life from stay at home moms to CEOs. Women Talk is a growing phenomenon that promises to expend right across Canada!
About Twyla Lapointe’s talk:

At just 30, I’ve already overcome a severe eating disorder, emotional abuse, and impostor syndrome – not to mention a time management issue that left me exhausted and empty. On the path to the complete healing of body and soul, I’m now bringing others along with me to help them find their true worth and value – and finding the time to share it.

Twyla is a life-long entrepreneur who used to sell her childhood crafts to her neighbors, order forms and all.

From a young age she put her nose to the grindstone, basically never stopping for nearly 10 years, and then hit the wall, hard. After taking 8 weeks off to dive deep into the science, psychology, and systems that had the power to set her free, she went on to not only fix her life, but become one of the few female time management experts in the world with her company, Last Resort.
These days she finds time to run three simultaneous businesses, have 2 hour heart to hearts with friends, read 900-page novels and watch every superhero who hits the box office – plus teaching about total time mastery with sensitivity and humour. That’s probably why her spirit animal is Kermit the Frog.

June 30, 2016 – 7pm in Strathmore, AB