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The definition of insanity is something you may have heard before: Do the same thing over and over and expect different results. When I stopped doing the same things with my time and made massive priority shifts, I was able to achieve the coveted work-life balance we all crave. Once I realized that I was uniquely qualified to help others achieve the same thing, Last Resort was born.

Simple 5 Step System

To Become A Time Master and Stress-Solver


Go on a guided Self Safari.

No matter how thick the jungle in your life, let your guide ensure that you don't get lost in the chaos.


Become a Time Maker.

Learn the ancient and modern secrets of triage, priority management, and how to "make time" for yourself, your loved ones, or wherever YOU need it most


Productivity Mythbusting.

Learn the scientific facts and practical tools that will get you back in control of your life - fast.


Co-Create a Personalized P.A.T.H.

Your P.A.T.H. takes into account your true Priorities, the next Actions you need to take, your Truths, and only keeps Helpful changes


Make a Plan for Sustainable Change.

Learn how to get everything back on track whenever life derails you with Twyla's exclusive Sustainability Plans

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