Speaking Engagements

Speaking to Your Needs

For the majority of group events, you can make or break them with the quality of the speakers. Finding the right fit is crucial to the success of an event.

Twyla Lapointe is available for events of any size, willing to travel, and ready to provide a consistently useful and entertaining voice to suit your needs.

Several pre-prepared presentations of varying lengths are available, or customized presentations can be created for your group.

Topics Of Interest

Time, Tools, and the Truth – Redefining Success

45 minutes to 1.5 hours

Listen as Twyla talks about the secrets to real success – from how to make choices that will support your lifestyle goals to how to be kind to future you and more.7 Things that Destroy Your Productivity


Sustainable Lifestyles

1 hour
Sustainability is a topic of discussion about the earth, but how do we start with ourselves? In this standard length talk, Twyla discusses the ways that our modern lifestyles are unsustainable, what science has to say about living a long and healthy life, and how we can achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

7 Things that Destroy Your Productivity

1 hour
Do you know what’s making you unproductive? Can you pinpoint the issues and work towards a solution? If this is something you struggle with, this talk could be for you.

Last Resort: An Introduction
15 minutes to 1 hour
For organizations who are gauging interest in having Last Resort work with their team, this is a good place to start.

Banishing Busy
15-30 Minutes

A quick introduction to the “busy problem” we experience in modern life, and how to start working at a sustainable change.

Why Choose Last Resort?

Expect Professionalism
Responses will be timely. You’ll have a chance to discuss your event with me personally by email and over the phone before and after the event to gauge my performance and the interest people had in the Last Resort presentation. I am pleased to present in front of conferences, corporate events, and for non-profit groups.

The link to an easily-downloadable PDF of presentation notes and recommended resources will be provided to all attendees.

Offer Real Content
The topics of quality of life and productivity are relevant to the majority of businesses and individuals, with the struggle to maintain balance becoming an epidemic issue of our society.

My past experience in voice training and dramatic presentation are an asset to the experience I offer – expect dynamic presentation, technical expertise to avoid the dreaded technical difficulties, and as a time management expert, expect perfectly timed presentations that won’t leave you running behind. I do not read from a script, but instead gesture and move on stage, and the slides in my presentation are short and simple, so your audience will be able to engage through eye contact.Last Resort presentations are not merely a pitch for the company, but rather are filled with valuable content that has the potential to inspire people to positive, sustainable change – we guarantee less than 30 seconds of talk time will go to self-promotion.

Twyla Lapointe is a happily married recovering workaholic whose ambitions include finally making that trip to Italy she’s always dreamed of, having a large family (consisting of children and dogs) and reading all the books on her bookshelf.