How do I know you're an expert?
How much time will it take? Is this a quick fix?


What are some specific issues you deal with?Where are your sessions?How long are sessions? How are they booked?What is my time commitment outside sessions?How much will I have to change?What exactly will we do in a session?How long will it take to get results?What is the minimum commitment?
  • Taking Overwhelming Stress to Normal Levels
  • Motivation and Procrastination Issues
  • Habit-making and Sustainability
  • Priority Management & Making Time for Vital Things
  • Focused Working and Decision-making
  • Communications and Client/Family Management
  • Learning to say no: Boundaries and Personal Care
  • Using Structures and Systems
  • Understanding your time and limitations
  • Overly Perfectionist thinking
  • Outsourcing and Streamlining
All of my clients primarily connect with me via Skype, and so far I have had clients from multiple different cities in Canada and the USA. If a client is located in Edmonton, AB or Calgary, AB I may choose to meet them in person sometimes, but this is not necessary for success.
Most sessions are approximately one hour, though I have sometimes done 2-3 hour sessions for clients with big challenges. I have a great booking portal that allows us to find a time to meet whether or not we’re in the same time zone. I enjoy quite a bit of flexibility as a full time entrepreneur, so we can likely find a time to chat that suits you, whatever you’re working around in your schedule.
Every good consultant gives you directions on what to do in your life – you’ll find in this case however, that while a few of the first requests might seem like more work, on the whole you’ll see impressive results quickly – if you take action. Most people will require appproximately 3 hours per week to really take flight, but it’s possible to do less and see great results. Remember, every hour you invest with us will create more time in your life, and it starts to add up fast.
First of all, there will be absolutely no “bulldoze it all and start over” ideas being implemented – after all we’re trying to make things easier, not crazier. Last Resort is not about wiping out your current lifestyle, but about making realistic and helpful changes that transform it organically. In very extreme cases, the like of which I haven’t yet encountered, the level of change may need to be drastic – but even then, I would recommend a long-term, sustainable strategy of bite-sized, completely possible changes.
Our first session will be an intake process – I have a questionnaire that will help you understand where you’re at in terms of what you feel is actually taking up your time, how you feel about your time spent (i.e., what do you resent), what your current habits are, and other data. After that first intake, I start every session by checking in about what I’ve asked you to do in the past and how successful different strategies have been – if you haven’t been doing your homework, we can discuss a way to make it easier for you to get started. I often spend the majority of the time asking questions about recent issues and providing tools and ideas to alleviate whatever problems you are personally experiencing when it comes to managing your personal or work life. There are dozens of possibilities for training depending on your struggles. Do you have problems with procrastinating? Do you not take care of yourself because you get too busy? Do you try to keep everything in your head and notice things falling out at an alarming rate? The strategies to deal with each of these things is necessarily very different, but they all fall under the umbrella of Last Resort.
The only pre-requisite to getting results is to take action – it’s no different than a personal trainer at the gym – they can tell you what exercises you need to do to improve your muscle mass, but if you never perform those motions with the proper amount of resistance, your growth will be stunted. I have had clients ready to graduate from the program in as little as 6 months, having made immediate changes and accomplished their goals, others have bailed on the simplest tasks. Depending on how bad your time management problems are when you come to me and how lofty your goals are in moving forward, it could take as little as one 3 month period to set you free, or it could take 1-3 years if you have very ingrained, long-term habits and mindsets contributing to the problem. If you have been productivity and efficiency focused for a lifetime, unless you have been completely disillusioned with those ideas, it can take time to reform your ideals.
With the exception of courses and mini-sessions which I offer only occasionally, all clients sign up to work with me quarterly. There are four intake months during which I typically intake all new clients – March, June, September, and November. There are several levels of service available within those quarterly time periods, however all Last Resort clients can book for a minimum of a 3 month term with bi-weekly meetings – fewer meetings or lesser duration will negatively affect the outcome of lifestyle or procedural changes and would be a temporary band-aid fix.