Corporate Consulting Solutions




Valuable Content for Your Employees

High Employee Turnover is one of the hardest problems for businesses to overcome – and one of the most expensive.

Industry leaders are turning to powerful solutions that allow them to offer their employees more than health and dental care. Last Resort is proud to offer our Lifestyle and productivity resources in a workplace setting as a great addition to your company’s benefits program.


Make a difference in the day to day, and you can change everything

Our customized consulting weeks allow your employees to become more effective as they learn skills that will keep them on-task, happy in their work, and keep important items from falling through the cracks – and best of all, it’s just as applicable on site as at home, so you’ll be providing something of great value personally and professionally. Our representatives will work alongside your employees to ensure that every person is able to grow towards their potential.


Our standard solutions are designed for companies from 10-50, but we can create custom solutions for companies of all sizes.