About Last Resort

Last Resort is how I’m sharing what I’ve learned.

Hi, I’m Twyla Lapointe. Welcome to Last Resort.


I love fixing things like some of the women in my family love gardening. There’s a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when you start with a bed of weeds and end with a flower garden. It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding – the reward is something beautiful, something that functions as it should, a work of art. I used to say that the only person I couldn’t fix was myself, but the truth was, I just needed a bit of time and a bit of help.

When I started the journey towards Last Resort, I was constantly overloaded. I was at the end of my rope. My time was stretched so thin that getting a cold would destroy my calendar for months. I scoffed at the very idea of work-life balance. The simplest parts of my life were completely out of control. I barely slept, ate badly, and found myself spiralling into depression. I resolved to do something about it, and it was slow going. When I started becoming more productive, I binged on productivity, and my quality of life didn’t get any better. I honestly didn’t think I had a choice. But then I decided to make a real change – not just be productive, but to better myself in every area. After years of research and hard work, I’ve finally come pretty close to balance, and I’ll be spending the next decade or so getting all the way there, with my priorities straight and a smile on my face.

I’ve been complaining for years that it’s tough to learn life skills, and that most people could really use a course about how to be a better human being. I mean, there’s the science, psychology, and technology to enable us to do this – now more than ever before. I had to do it all the hard way, to piece together all the ideas about what work-life balance and having a good life meant, but in the end I realized that we as people know quite a bit about how to live a good life – you just need to know where to look for the information. I hope you’ll consider this the last stop on that journey.

This all began because a lot of people kept asking me to share what I had learned on the journey to self-betterment, and when I started to share, people got excited. So here I am, ready to share what I’ve learned with you.  Last Resort was born in April 2014 at the Canada Photo Convention when I told a good friend, “Most of the people I know take an all expenses paid vacation and then come back to piles of work and feel awful. The thing is, it would only take a week to learn most of these things, it just takes a lifetime to master them.” So then I took everything I’ve learned, and condensed it into bite-sized content.

The dream is to make this information available to as many CEOs, entrepreneurs, professionals, homemakers, students, parents, and people as possible – which is why I’m now offering free Seminars, weekend workshops, and more.